Natakhtari – The Official Cold Beer for Summer 2020

Do you know how to find out if your beer is 100% cold? The temperature is very important to really get a good sense of a beer’s flavor, and the ideal temperature is said to be 4 – 6 oC. However, in our daily life, we cannot tell when our beer has chilled to that “just-right” level, which is why this summer you will see a thermometer icon on Natakhtari’s label, created with Thermo Ink technology.

The thermometer icon is sensitive to cold, meaning consumers will easily be able to tell when the beer has cooled to the ideal temperature: when it turns blue, it means that the beer is ideally cooled to a temperature of 4 – 6 oC.

Natakhari is the first beer on the Georgian market to use a thermochromic label.

“We believe that being consumer-driven requires excellent listening skills and empathy in order to understand your consumer needs and act accordingly. Rather than being product-oriented and doing repetitive products or activities, we choose to invest in needs,” says Ana Karchava, Marketing Manager of EFES Georgia.

“We are always thinking how we can make our consumers’ lives simpler and bring them additional benefits. In this case, we identified one of the needs, especially in summer, to drink beer at the right temperature, so that beer lovers can enjoy the full taste. This additional function will make the ritual of drinking beer more fun, too,” Karchava notes.

“This year has been hard for everyone and brands have to think more about bringing benefits to their consumers. There is more integration of technology and innovation in our daily lives in every other sector, so that why not in beer? This was our starting point, and with Thermo ink technology, we believe that it will make it easier for our consumers to understand the ideal temperature of their beer, and it will make the experience more fun for sure. We will keep investing in our consumers and our culture. Keep your eyes open!”

30 July 2020 20:41