York Towers - for Harmonious Development of Your Family

Environmental pollution is one of the biggest problems in the world, and in Georgia, it is sadly no different. As such, it is extremely important to use the services of companies which spare no effort in caring about ecology while simultaneously providing maximum comfort for their customers.

These days, few construction companies care to maintain the natural conditions while also offering an international experience, as York Towers does.

One of the main priorities of the York Towers company is to conserve a clean environment and fresh air while providing an excellent opportunity to build your family's healthy future today.

York Towers is a leading international real estate developer with multiple investments in Europe and the Middle East, and it continues to expand its projects to cover all real estate activities worldwide.

The company has successfully finished many projects in Europe and the Middle East and has been operating in the Georgian market since 2017 too.

In Georgia, York Towers has successfully finished and delivered many projects, such as Dighomi Mall, multifunctional innovative space Diplomatic Dighomi, and the Caucasus Tower in Temka district.

One of its ongoing projects is Lisi View, which is a new opportunity for those looking for a home with all the facilities in a clean environment and in a great location with amazing views.

Lisi View is located in the most elite and prestigious neighborhood in Tbilisi, just a few minutes from the center. Lisi View offers a distinctive lifestyle that can't be found anywhere else in the city, where you will find an amazing natural environment, giving the impression that every part of the complex is an organic product of the surrounding nature.

In the Lisi View project, we have implemented the concept of a wide open space, which creates conditions for good communication between the residents of the complex- there, you will find pure air and charming panoramas: a special gift from nature!

All villas in the Lisi View complex are built following a single architectural concept with spectacular views of the rich green landscape. All housing units are designed with the highest international standards: everything from the choice of building materials and construction technology to the state of the soil, water, and air- everything is aimed at preserving and maintaining the environment and harmonious development of your family.

The project will be delivered in three phases. The first phase will be delivered by the end of 2020, as we have already started the major construction work. The 2nd phase will be delivered mid-2021, and the full project will be delivered by the beginning of 2022.

Customer demand is high. We are trying to target the middle class and provide them with affordable prices. Our plan implements the idea that everyone who can afford to purchase apartments on the outskirts of Tbilisi will also be able to purchase them in our complex and benefit from all the facilities which I have already mentioned.

We offer our customers villas, flats, private houses, and commercial spaces. We operate in the market, which means that we have high-quality products and services.

Most importantly, we offer new locations full of facilities and service areas, people will live there in maximum comfort and will have everything they need.

Involvement in CSR projects is yet another priority for our company. We support economic and touristic development in Georgia and are ready to use our resources to bring love to the Georgian people and country from foreign tourists.

In 2020, during the coronavirus pandemic, we completely avoided closure; our crisis management team was working very hard to follow all health and safety instructions given by the Georgian government and the WHO.

We have achieved remarkable results in the first and second quarters by sales volume and by delivering a message to the whole world that Georgia is a safe and green zone. Our existing and new customers alike, felt comfortable and safe investing in Georgia. After the coronavirus effect, we began to promote Georgia as a tourism country and we spread information about the Georgian investment environment.

Our company often creates promotional videos depicting the unforgettable beauty and hospitality of Georgia, to attract even more visitors to the country. We have foreign non-profit websites, where we publish positive and pleasant news about the country, to let more people know about the good developments in Georgia and get inspired to start making investments, or just to visit and enjoy it.

We have yet another eco-friendly activity planned for the future: our team intends to plant trees in Tbilisi, which is like any city that lacks fresh air nowadays. As for the location, let it be a pleasant surprise.

In every activity, on every platform around the world, in every branch we are operating, all of our team members are ambassadors of Georgia, showing the best Georgia has to offer.

Georgia has great laws and regulations, which is what attracted us as investors, and we look forward to them being implemented faster. I recommend Georgia to all investors, wherever they may be in the world.

By Amr Alabwaz, General Director of York Towers

30 July 2020 20:43