MIA: Tamar Bachaliashvili Looked into Suicide before Disappearance

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia has released a statement with regards to the midterm results of the investigation into the death of 23-year-old programmer Tamar Bachaliashvili.

Considering the high public interest, the Agency published part of the information obtained from Bachaliashvili’s computer.

The statement reads that the young girl was interested in suicide methods before the disappearance. 

"A number of photo-video files have been recovered from the memory of the Apple portable computer owned by Bachaliashvili, in addition to the browsing data history details. Following the expertise report and examination protocol, on July 17, 2020, the day before her disappearance, she accessed the “help” section on the Facebook page with the following title “What will happen to my Facebook account if I pass away?” At the exact same time, she typed the following text into the google search engine “Facebook cancel account after death”.

"On June 18, 2020, one month before her disappearance, Tamar Bachaliashvili typed the following text into the google search engine: “Best ways to commit suicide”. On the same day, she accessed Wikipedia and typed the following title in the search section “Suicide methods – Wikipedia”. After accessing the aforementioned link, the Wikipedia English-language article under the title “Suicide methods” is available for internet users, describing various methods of suicide," the MIA said. 

The statement further reads that after the examination of the vehicle owned by the deceased, it was clarified that medications found in the vehicle and search results of the GOOGLE search system of July 17, 2020, (the day before her disappearance) partially coincide with each other. 

In addition, the Ministry informs citizens about Bachaliashvili's workplace, noting that the “ZAG” company does not operate in Georgia and its activities are related the international orders.

Investigative measures are being held to study the activities of the company. 

23-year-old Tamar Bachaliashvili, a young programmer who went missing in unclear circumstances on July 18, was found dead in her own car in Tetritskaro forest, Kvemo Kartli region in southern Georgia after a four-day search. Her family members suppose that the tragic incident might be linked to her work.

The investigation has not yet determined whether it was suicide or murder, however, the family members categorically rule out the idea of suicide. 

By Ana Dumbadze 

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06 August 2020 11:42