Electronic Music Festival Nakrdzali

With its beautiful colors and fresh air, Lagodekhi National Park lacked one thing to reach perfection: music. On August 29, Nakrdzali Electronic Music Festival will fill in this gap.

NAKRDZALI is a 24-hour festival that, according to the event organizers, will “give you the chance to discover vibrant, pulsing, and dazzling performances led by leading Georgian electronic music artists.”

It won’t only be music and views of the Caucasus, though: bars, food spots, and various entertainment spaces will welcome the music lovers, complimenting their relaxing vacation experience.

The line-up includes the following artists:
Nika Vashakidze
Gio Shengelia
Autumn Tree

The Festival, with unique ethnic-modern design, is beside the Lagodekhi National Reserve (Kakheti) on the private territory of the Blues Village (167 Vashlovani Street, Lagodekhi; Entrance only from Lagodekhi National Park)

Following the Georgian government and WHO’s regulations, as well as their own common sense during the pandemic, the organizers have decided to only sell a limited number of 1000 online tickets. They can be found at https://eventer.ge/event/nakrdzali-nakrdzali/1460/en. Depending on the timing, the prices vary from 30 GEL to 50 GEL.

COVID-related safety measures go further: before entering the area, each guest will have their temperature screened, there will be a disinfection barrier and cleaning hands with a sanitizer. There will be specific stickers regulating the distance in the festival area. We also want to introduce the sponsor of this article video chat Stripchat. Detailed information about the site can be found in this review: https://www.similarcams.com/stripchat ,where you can learn how to communicate with girls online.

It’s an 18+ event (face control at the door).

NAKRDZALI organizers have partnered up with Omnibus, organizing round-way bus routes for festival-goers. Tbilisi-Lagodekhi-Tbilisi costs 30 GEL, and you can contact them at +995 555 539 559 for additional information/booking.

By Nini Dakhundaridze

17 August 2020 23:15