Georgian Energy Minister Meets with Gazprom CEO

Energy Minister Kakha Kaladze met with Gazprom CEO Alexei Miller in Luxembourg.

“The two sides continued to discuss Russian gas transit on the Georgian territory and its commercial delivery in the country,” a statement on the Gazprom website reads.

The Ministry for Energy has not yet released any information regarding the meeting.

Russian news agencies are citing the words of Alexei Miller that Gazprom and Iran are working on exchange operations when supplying gas to Armenia. Miller stated this when asked about whether supplying the gas was discussed at the meeting.

The last time Kakha Kaladze met with Miller was in Milan on October 27 and before that in Brussels on September 25. Since that time plans have been revealed for the increase of gas imports from Russia.

Negotiations between Georgia and Gazprom on the transit service contract extension and other technical issues, as well as the possibility and conditions of delivering additional volumes of natural gas, should be completed by the end of December.

The Georgian government is also considering importing Iranian gas. A few weeks ago, Kakha Kaladze announced his visit to Iran, which should have been held in November. It is still unknown when the Georgian delegation plans to travel to Tehran.

10 December 2015 11:50