ProCredit and Liberty Banks Sign Host-to-Host Agreement

ProCredit bank and Liberty Bank have signed an agreement according to which the two banks will be connected with Host to Host connection, enabling customers to make withdrawals and card payments more easily. For Liberty Bank it is the third Host to Host agreement.

In the framework of the project, card owners will be able to avoid tariffs when withdrawing from Liberty and ProCredit bank ATMs, the number of which exceeds 500.

“From now on, the customers of both banks will be able to take cash out from even more ATMs of ProCredit Bank and Liberty Bank- benefiting from being able to withdraw cash at standard rates,” said Alex Matua, Director of ProCredit Bank.

ProCredit Bank VISA / Master Card and VISA Business card holders will be able to make deposits into Liberty Bank ATMs in accordance with ProCredit bank rates, while Liberty Bank clients will be able to make their payments using PAY/UPI cards together with VISA/MASTER Cards in ProCredit banks.

Meri Taliashvili

10 December 2015 20:10