Second Round of Elections in Majoritarian Constituencies to be Held on November 21

The second round of elections in the majoritarian constituencies will be held on November 21.

Two candidates who received more votes than others in the first tour, will take part in the second round of elections.

Based on thrpreliminary results of the elections, the second round is expected in several election constituencies including in Tbilisi.

For the record, the 2020 parliamentary elections were held with the new election system, based on which 120 MPs will be elected through the proportional election system, and 30 through the majoritarian system.

Based on the preliminary data of the Central Election Commission, "Georgian Dream-Democratic Georgia" has 48.36% of the votes, "United National Movement-United Opposition Power in Unity" has 26.35%.

By Ana Dumbadze 


01 November 2020 16:34