Georgia Condemns Russian Violation of Georgian Airspace

The Georgian Foreign Ministry (MFA) have released a statement concerning the violation of Georgian airspace by a Russian helicopter.

“On 9th December 2015, at about 18:48, an unmanned Russian aerial vehicle illegally deployed in the occupied Tskhinvali region violated the airspace controlled by Georgian central authorities and flew over the checkpoints of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia in the villages of the Gori district, Koshka and Gugutiantkari, in particular,“ the MFA stated.

The act has been called provocative by Georgian officials stating the act was ““directed against the sovereign state provide a further proof of the Russian Federation’s defiance of the fundamental norms and principles of international law.”

The MFA has called upon the Russian Federation to comply with its commitments under international law, including those under the 12th August 2008 Ceasefire Agreement. 

11 December 2015 15:49