Georgia Is the Next Blue Ocean of Real Estate

Recently, there has been a lot of discussion and debate over the future of investment around the world. With the pandemic wreaking havoc and complicating businesses around the world, all eyes are on eastern European and former soviet countries. Among them, the most viable option is probably Georgia.

It is a small country in the heart of the Caucasian mountains, and it is famous not only for its food and wine but also the high ease of business index. It is also a very safe country in terms of crime, and the government offers some of the best services to international businesses.

Nevertheless, what makes it the next blue ocean is real estate. Real estate has been one of the main attractions for foreign investment to Georgia, and there are practically so many opportunities, especially for those involved in BRRRR investment strategies. 

Before we get to why Georgia is the next blue ocean of the real estate world, let’s dig deeper and find out what a blue ocean actually is.

What is a Blue Ocean?

The concepts of the blue ocean and the red ocean were coined by business management strategists, W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne in 2004. A blue ocean is basically a business opportunity created by demand not by competition.

The blue ocean is a metaphor for a place or potential for business growth that has not yet been explored or exploited. In other words, it is a place that offers so many opportunities, but it has not been overwhelmed with competition.

For example, a place like Florida might offer multiple opportunities for real estate investors, but the competition is high and as a result, it might be very hard to create big businesses there. A blue ocean of real estate will be a place with lots of opportunities and very little competitions. So, is Georgia a blue ocean of real estate? Let’s find out.

What Makes Georgia a Real Estate Blue Ocean?

Georgia has grown its real estate industry in the last decade. Several factors have led to it becoming a very popular place for real estate investment. Some of these factors are:


-       Stable political atmosphere

-       Open border policies with over 90 countries around the world

-       Reasonably relaxed government policies on starting businesses

-       Growing number of tourists

-       High level of security compared to almost all the countries in the region and beyond

-       And lots more

Apart from the numbers and factors, what makes me convinced that Georgia is the next blue ocean of real estate is its geographical proximity. It is located in the middle of the Caucasian region which is close to the middle east, Russia, India and Europe. It reminds me of the Dubai we used to know in the 2000s.

Most real estate investors and moguls who experienced the same rise in Dubai are now expecting the same for Georgia. They believe that between 2025 and 2030, real estate business will be at its peak, and investors are going to enjoy a great ROI.

Finally, the fact that Georgia is underexplored by foreigners and investors makes it the true blue ocean of real estate in the next decade. With that said, there is so much you can do to be ahead of the game.

How Can We Get Started?

Georgia offers a wide range of opportunities when it comes to real estate investment. From rehabilitating old buildings in old towns to tower development projects, there is basically so much you can get involved with. And the banks are gladly with you every step of the way. 

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17 November 2020 13:43