Trump’s Brave Doings & Biden’s Bold Ideas


Why do Reps and Dems disagree today more than ever before? They used to suffer differences, but if it came to the nation’s crucial interests, they would always stand together. Not anymore! The jumpy 21st century has exacerbated the disparities between the two. The well-weathered American people wonder how good or how bad the current state of affairs might be in terms of the country’s prosperity and posterity. The latest presidential election has demonstrated the dimensions of trouble in which America may find itself if the avalanche of public violence and political fraud are nor bridled once and for all. The impression is that those two political camps are the residents of two different countries, with absolutely dissimilar attitudes, goals and philosophies of life. If the republican president loses presidency and the democratic nominee hits the White House, we may not even recognize America as a result of the changes that might follow in the wake of the vicious political war between the two ideologies. The media is literally packed with millions of opinions and comments on what we have now and what may happen in the future. Mine is just the processed information with mild touchups. As it seems, the world is far from being indifferent to where the United States of America is right now and how it feels.

Why was it beneficial for America to have a president like Trump? Because he almost grabbed a Nobel Prize for making peace in the Middle East; created tens of thousands of jobs; battled joblessness; valiantly addressed the burning issues of law enforcement, national security, human intelligence and space research; kept America out of military conflict like no other POTUS after WW2; forced international bodies to attend to their financial problems without America’s help; defied the North Korean appetite for enhancing nuclear power; gave impetus to the national economy; reshuffled American-Chinese trade and economic dealings; brought businesses back to America; saved billions of tax money for his fellow citizens; increased the value of stocks; invigorated the marketplace; improved the lifestyle of retirees; appointed three Supreme Court Justices and almost three hundred Federal Judges; refurbished and strengthened the American military force; revealed debauchery in government and Hollywood and the sex trafficking of children; bashed criminal folks with the possibility of due punishment in case of his reelection; narrowed the gap between a corona patient and a healer vaccine. In short, he worked like a horse round the clock the last four years for one dollar per annum, losing a huge amount of his own money without a vestige of remorse.

Why will it be detrimental for America when Biden takes over the White House? Because democrats will try to: invite several new states to the Union with the purpose of creating additional senatorial votes; naturalize millions of illegal immigrants to increase the number of democratic votes; open the boarders to let millions of Latinos in; pack hospitals with illegal and insolvent immigrants; adopt the Green New Deal; rewrite history text books, revealing the white atrocities against their black slaves; promote Affirmative Action in favor of the slaves’ progeny; recompense the slaves’ descendents at the expense of white slave-owners’ offspring; rejoin the Paris Agreement on climate change, consequently sending trillions of dollars to developing countries; send billions of dollars to Latin American countries to building a better life there in order to curb immigration to America; diminish the importance of the police force and ignore minor offences, thus stimulating crime in general; build projects for the poor in peaceful and safe areas; trim down real estate prices; lower the education level; limit the number of fire-arms in private hands; keep censoring information; revive diplomatic relations with Palestine and divide Jerusalem; reinstate membership in UNESCO; sign the agreement with Iran, helping them create a nuclear bomb; let China abet North Korea against the South; stop mining in federal lands; unleash the oil prices; make it easier for Russia to occupy Armenia, Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova; assist China to recover the losses of those years; raise taxes for rich businesses; let jobs go to other countries; pave the way to White House for a healthier-and-younger-than-Biden female Afro-Asian-Indian presidency.

By Nugzar B. Ruhadze

Image source: AP/Patrick Semansky

19 November 2020 17:06