Furniture House NITA: For Your Quality Furniture Needs

Although NITA has only been open since 2017, it has already become an exceptional place for those in the know. As a furniture house hurtling toward the future, NITA has perfected the art of merging classic luxury with the aesthetic values of minimalism.

Having an eye for detail and perfection, NITA’s owner, Miranda Khetsuriani, left her pharmaceutical profession to dedicate herself to improving lives through furniture. Her family has built NITA with a great sense of tradition, family and community. From the day of NITA’s inception, Khetsuriani has been steering the company to ever new heights with one principle in mind: to level up the furniture industry in Georgia through maintaining an unmatched standard of quality and consistency.

NITA offers a wide selection of brand-name furniture through a network of trusted suppliers to satisfy every imaginable need; and all at a pricing that is hard to match. A full range of bedroom, living room and dining room furniture along with home accessories all are on display in NITA’s spacious showroom. Whether you’re looking for something contemporary or traditional, you’ll be sure to find something to suit your taste!

That NITA conveys the best of European elegance is no exaggeration. The furniture house’s interior is modern and minimal, with bursts of luxury and color. All displayed items are decked in earthy tones, which have a warm and sumptuous feel. Bold furniture designs pair effortlessly with modern forms, and are always infused with unique jewelry-like silhouettes that showcase Ms. Miranda’s attention to detail. One instantaneously feels the principles that NITA’s creator considers fundamental to good design, like honoring natural materials, working with simple, organic forms, and making the functional beautiful.

The designs, rooted in elegant, classical heritage, are reinterpreted masterfully to suit modern trends. NITA has all it takes to help you create a comfortable, serene and visually appealing private oasis.

If you want to feel all the charm of a calming space that’s easy on the eyes and high on style, to feel at home, to receive sterling service, and to revel in the elegance of decorative and artistic patterns, you need to visit NITA.

NITA’s knowledgeable and experienced staff are always on hand to assist you in finding exactly what you need. They will do anything it takes to keep a customer happy, whether they have purchased or not!

NITA has been created with one idea in mind- to elevate the everyday in your life.

Inst: furniturenitahome

Agmashenebeli alley 1km

Phone 599 70 69 59

19 November 2020 17:13