Georgian Orthodox Church Celebrates St. George's Day

Today, on November 23, Saint George’s Day is celebrated in Georgia and among Orthodox Christians worldwide. This date marks the day when Saint George was tortured on a wheel.

Saint George is regarded as one of the most recognized Christian martyrs and a patron of the country. The fact that George is the most widespread name throughout the country can serve as a sole testimony to that.

Special church services are delivered at all churches in Georgia. 

A solemn service is being held at Sameba (Holy Trinity) Cathedral in Tbilisi.

St. George’s Day (or Giorgoba) is a public holiday and it is celebrated two times a year: on November 23, when he was tortured and on May 6, when he died.

Many national symbols of Georgia such as the country’s coat of arms and a famous monument standing on Freedom Square feature Saint George fighting a dragon representing an evil.

By Ana Dumbadze 

Image: St. George's monument on Liberty Square, Tbilisi

Image source: Wikipedia 

23 November 2020 11:58