BBC: Oxford University Vaccine Shows 70% Effectiveness

A large-scale trial of the Covid-19 potential vaccine developed by the University of Oxford has shown that it protects 70% of people from infection, the BBC reports.

Based on the same source, this figure is much lower than the results of Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, although the Oxford University vaccine is much cheaper, easier to store and therefore easier to transport around the world.

Up to 20,000 volunteers participated in the trial for the vaccine.

The trial showed that 30 participants vaccinated with two doses of the coronavirus vaccine became infected, while 101 infected had a placebo.

Researchers say the vaccine is 70% effective.

The United Kingdom has pre-ordered 100 million doses of the vaccine created by Oxford University, which is enough to immunize 50 million people.

By Ana Dumbadze 

Source: The BBC

23 November 2020 12:40