Microfinance Organization Attacker Denied Bail

The man who attacked a microfinance organization on November 20, Levan Zurabashvili, has been denied bail. Tbilisi City Court sentenced him to imprisonment as a measure of restraint.

At today's trial, the defense asked for Zurabashvili’s release on 1,000 GEL bail.

Giorgi Chochua, Zurabashvili’s lawyer, said: “Zurabashvili did not pose a threat to anyone. He wanted the protest to be made public and journalists to come to hear his position.  It was not robbery as he demanded no money, he was demanding changes that could benefit the whole country. It was a type of a performance. As soon as he entered the building, he he told people: do not be afraid, I will fight for you”.

Levan Zurabashvili, 31, broke into the microfinance organization Micro Business Capital (MBC), took 11 persons hostage and voiced three demands: "All parliamentarians should gather and pass three laws. 1) Ban gambling throughout Georgia, 2) Give banks the right to issue loans with a 7% interest rate, 3) Allow pharmaceutical companies to receive only 10% profit”.

After negotiations with law enforcers Zurabashvili gradually released all the hostages. No one has been injured.

The state prosecution has said that the crime belongs to a particularly serious category and that Zurabishvili deserves to be charged with hostage-taking.

The crime is punishable from 9 to 14 years in prison.

23 November 2020 15:56