Book Launch: Roses Down the Barrel of a Gun, Georgia: Love & Revolution

CRRC, ARISC and American Councils this week, in partnership with Prospero’s Books, presented the 7th talk of the 2020 Fall Series of the Tbilisi Works-in-Progress series, now celebrating its 10th year.

The presentation of "Roses Down the Barrel of a Gun, Georgia: Love and Revolution,” by Jo Seaman, formerly Director of British Council in Georgia, took place online on November 25.

In a change from the usual Works-in-Progress format, this session presented an introduction to the new book, and personal reflections on the events leading to the Rose Revolution and on the importance of soft diplomacy.

Jo Seaman (formerly Jo Bakowski) worked for the British Council for almost 30 years, firstly in London and Manchester, with short assignments all over Africa, Asia and the former Soviet Union. She then lived in Egypt, Georgia (where she was director of the British Council in Georgia), Pakistan, Jamaica and France before returning to the UK.

Jo is now a writer/researcher and (with former diplomat husband, Mike, whom she met in Georgia), runs a consultancy firm offering training, project management and analysis. Views expressed in the presentation are purely personal and do not reflect the official views of the British Council or the British Government.

"Not to be missed by anyone interested in Georgia,” Former Georgian Deputy Minister said regarding the book.

“I loved this book – it made a huge impression on me, because Tbilisi was such a different place when I worked there – it is hard to believe that so much had changed in such a short time,” stated Alexandra Hall Hall, former British Ambassador to Georgia.

“Such a wonderful book! Full of detail and color, just like Georgia we have come to love. Thank you for this contribution to the history of contemporary Georgia! It is a must-read,” said Paul Joyal, Managing Director, Public Safety and Homeland Security Practice at National Strategies, Inc.

26 November 2020 13:29