General Manager of PROFY on Company’s Services & Reasons behind its Success

Given the fast pace of modern lifestyle, it is especially important for customers to have access to fast, comfortable and convenient service that saves their time and energy and, at the same time, brings the highest quality and desired result.

In this regard, one of the most distinguished companies operating in the Georgian market is "Profy", which, despite the fact that it has been operating for just one year, has already earned great trust and popularity among customers. The demand for the company's services is high due to the sophisticated, flexible and professional service and a special, individual approach to customers.

Flexibility and mobility are the main advantages of its service.

The main purpose and idea of “Profy” is to create unprecedented comfort for the customer to get the services needed for the home, because in today's reality, finding a good craftsman and cleaner is one of the most unpleasant processes, from making a choice to paying and then checking the quality of work.

Further, the company is motivated to create opportunities for self-employment in the cultural space for people who can earn extra income based on their knowledge.

For more information and details on the company’s activities, services and expected novelties, GEORGIA TODAY talked to Irakli Zantaria, General Manager of PROFY.

What makes your platform interesting for those who provide service to customers?

Flexibility is the first advantage. For some of our service providers, this is a pretty solid amount of extra revenue, they are employed and use our platform to monetize their skills and free time.

Income. As already mentioned, some of our professionals are employed in other services, however, there are many for whom this platform has become a major source of income, of which our entire team is proud. The average amount earned on our platform exceeds 1200 GEL, while for those who spend more time on the platform their income is more than 2000 GEL.

Communication and support. Our team works closely with our clients as well as our service providers on a daily basis. We provide information on popular services, optimal working hours, our team is constantly in touch, and we provide timely and qualified support on any issue.

Are you planning to add a specific service for the New Year?

New Year is the busiest and most exciting time, many delicious dishes have to be prepared, the house has to be tidy, everything has to be tidied up and of course the Christmas tree has to be decorated as well.

We prepare the most in-demand services as part of the New Year promotion:

Assembling / dismantling the Christmas tree

New Year General Cleaning.

How many members are behind "Profy"?

"Profy" started with three people; today more than 20 people work daily for the comfortable and affordable service of the customer and the optimal conditions of the service providers.

How would you evaluate the journey of "Profy"?

The journey has not been easy, however, we are proud of the results we have today, we have become the best startup in Georgia, we have fulfilled up to 10,000 orders, we have employed more than 150 service providers, we have made many loyal customers and new friends.

What should we expect in the future?

Our main goal is to create a home services ecosystem, where all household services will be available in one space, with our trademark quality and availability. Soon our clients will see a new category that will make their lives even easier.

Finally, how are you dealing with the coronavirus?

We and our service providers diligently follow all the recommendations, including the disinfection of surfaces included in the cleaning service, which is available at no extra charge.

We hand over disinfection sanitizers as a gift to our customers and do our best to contribute to the defeat of the virus.

“Profy,” as a company constantly focused on innovation and maximum customer comfort, will continue to offer pleasant surprises and even more flexible and sophisticated services in the future.

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27 November 2020 19:21