The Great Reset – Blessed Are the Believers


I feel like a lightweight dwarfish nonentity when I compare myself to the big shots like the rich and famous ‘Davos Men,’ the world’s movers and shakers, as they are often alluded to by international mass media. This is an appellation once given by the well-known American political scientist Sam Huntington to the global elite of affluent and powerful people, who view themselves as utterly globalized, because they have managed to fly far beyond national restrictions and interests that sound archaic and immaterial in a differently operating modern world.

The next, 51st, World Economic Forum is being scheduled to take place in January 2021 at its habitual venue of Davos, Switzerland. Klaus Schwab, the WEF founder and Executive Chairman, together with his numerous and able staff, is planning to put together the internet connection of young men and women from hundreds of cities all over the world to virtually participate in the Conference for the discussion of our planet’s most challenging issues. As the forum organizers put it, following the pandemic, the old system of handling the world is no longer viable to guarantee survival, and we have to find ways to build new structures to make human lives safer and more tolerable on earth. They call it the ‘window of opportunity’ which needs to be opened wide to give a chance for a ‘Great Reset’.

One of the foremost problems to be argued at the meeting of the worldwide decision makers is going to be climate change, which is fed to global citizenry as one of the biggest disasters of our time. It could very well be, but the conservative part of the world would not agree with the viability of this pattern of thinking. That’s why the upcoming world forum makes a lot of sense in trying to get us to a vigorous conclusion, which will hopefully be approximated to the truth as closely as possible. After all, this is going to be another international attempt to harmonize human life with the laws of our Mother Nature, although it remains somewhat vague if this is achievable when so much damage has already been done.

The question is whether decarbonizing the world economy is the best way out when this purported panacea is still questionable. Nobody argues that a better economic system is a strong prerequisite for introducing a fairer social life on Earth, but also, nobody can be certain about the most sustainable ways to achieve the desirable.

Will the Great Reset help? It could, but as always, there might always be a stray fly in the ointment. No, I’m not trying to be a wet blanket: I simply have a habit of taking future doings with greater caution than others. Reinventing the world, if it must be reinvented, is not an easy thing to do, especially overnight, but blessed are the believers!

The forum planners are also talking about the new ‘Social Contract’ that will ‘honor the dignity of every human being’. Really? I would delightedly go for it, but I am from Missouri, so to speak, and I can’t help it. They also call the incipient encounter of the powers that be the ‘Twin Summit,’ because it will take place both virtually and in person, which is amazing. The world is becoming more transparent by the hour, but is the ‘more transparent world’ enough a tool to let humankind be fad and clad more efficiently? Quote Mr. Schwab: “COVID-19 has accelerated our transition into the age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. We have to make sure that the new technologies in the digital, biological and physical world remain human-centered and serve society as a whole, providing everyone with fair access.”

The Great Reset was universally supported by the corporate world and most of the nations of our planet, including our little Georgia with umpteen problems of its own, and by those whose financial shoulder is critically indispensable for the forum to carry on with its international agendum, to introduce all those cherished alterations, to re-tailor life on planet Earth, and . . . I wish them well!

By Nugzar B. Ruhadze

Image source: AFP via Getty Images

03 December 2020 18:04