German Ambassador to Georgia Surprised by Critical Comments against Diplomats

“It is surprising that we were being told: “We are a pro-Western opposition and you should support us,” German Ambassador Hubert Knirsch, who is one of the facilitators in the ruling Georgian Dream party and the united opposition’s post-election talks, said regarding the Georgian opposition in an interview with Imedi TV.

"It's surprising what we hear about diplomats these days, how they argue with insistence and imagination. None of the diplomats offered themselves by force, and this will not happen in the future.

“We have been addressed again and again by opposition parties in recent years. We were told that they are a pro-Western opposition and we, the diplomats, should help them.

“At the same time, it must be said that the Western idea is not expressed in one party or one person, but it is the idea of governance and freedom in accordance with the Constitution, that’s why Georgia introduced a parliamentary system after Mikheil Saakashvili's rule, that’s why the parliament is so important and diplomats became more active to promote dialogue between the parties, which will advance the democratic development of Georgia.

“I do not want to talk about certain individuals and their expressions. Those who speak characterize themselves and the public can evaluate these expressions.

“My colleague and I wanted the post-election process in Georgia to become easier. The election was preceded by a constitutional change and a negotiation process between the parties, which was facilitated by the involvement of diplomats, and I participated in it along with my colleagues. The parties agreed on a better electoral system that accurately reflects the will of the electorate.

“Georgia has passed the test of democracy. These elections were not the peak of democratic development in Georgia. Improvement, reforms are necessary. Decisions should be made in Parliament.

“I have been following this process and I think that these loud attacks on diplomats have exactly this basis. We are witnessing a confrontation within the opposition," the German ambassador said.

11 December 2020 18:29