Mtavari TV CEO: Gov’t Will Be Overthrown, US, EU Ambs Will Apologize for Anti-Georgian Behavior

“This government will definitely be overthrown, and the US, EU ambassadors will apologize for their anti-Georgian behavior,” Nika Gvaramia, the former First Deputy Prosecutor General and the founder of opposition-minded Mtavari TV said.

Gvaramia claims the incumbent government is trying to imprison him in order to suspend his critical statements against the policy of the ruling party Georgian Dream, adding that he does not need anyone’s protection.

“If I have to go to prison, I will go. It will be an honor now, as all normal people are behind bars and imprisoned by this government. This TV channel will not stop. This government will definitely be overthrown, and these ambassadors will apologize for their anti-Georgian behavior - their facilitation is just a delivery towards their administration as if they have eased the conflict. This is a shame, and this is exactly what is damaging the West. Irakli Kobakhidze, the son of Russia’s official agent and the slave of the Russian project, Bidzina Ivanishvili, should not talk to me about anti-Western behavior, nor should the facilitators, whose work remains vague,” Gvaramia stated.

He then said he believes US and EU Ambassadors to Georgia, Kelly Degnan and Carl Hartzell should "Stop talking about him and other political prisoners.”

“I get a stab in the back from the Western institutions like the Strasbourg court, Ambassador Degnan. Her deputy says that Giorgi Rurua (co-founder of Mtavari TV) is the head of an armed gang and his imprisonment is not a shame, but that what I do is,” Gvaramia said.

He pointed out that the “US and EU Ambassadors’ behavior harms the West, as they are involved in the trade of the captives and exchange prisoners to satisfy the interests of Georgian Dream.”

The Founder of Mtavari Arkhi believes said ambassadors should state publicly that Georgian Dream has political prisoners, instead of acting for the interests of the government.

"This is a shame and anti-western," he noted, adding that it is surprising who mandated Ambassador Kelly Degnan to attend the first sitting of the 10th Parliament on Friday.

"Who gave her the mandate to be in Parliament? The 'Kotsi' employees (referring to the supporters of the Georgian Dream ruling party) the US embassy is staffed with? This is a protocol violation and political imbalance. The majority of the Georgian people believe this parliament is illegal. The US neither says a word about the election legitimacy nor congratulates the winner. So, who issued the mandate for Kelly Degnan to attend Parliament when the EU Ambassador was not there. Could we find this out? I urge both the US and EU Ambassadors to refrain from speaking about me or other political prisoners. This is not their business,” Gvaramia said.

Nika Gvaramia calls on the opposition not to participate in the ongoing negotiations between the government and the opposition, facilitated by the US and EU ambassadors to Georgia.

“I appeal to the opposition and its voters, who are frustrated, tired, hopeless. Friends, this situation is not right. Look at everything through the eyes of your enemy Bidzina Ivanishvili and the Georgian Dream. Yes, Bidzina Ivanishvili and the Georgian Dream are Georgia’s enemies. See how they are struggling. For the first time in Georgian history, they are alone in parliament as no opposition MPs cooperate with them,” he stated.

He concluded that unification is based on the truth and people’s will.

Negotiations between the authorities and the opposition continue through the mediation of ambassadors. So far, four rounds of talks between the ruling party Georgian Dream and the opposition parties have taken place. The 5th round of talks is expected to be held this week. 

By Ana Dumbadze 

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14 December 2020 10:46