GD Initiates Bill Proposing Suspension of Funding for Parties Refusing Mandates

"A party which will not be involved in parliamentary work or whose parliamentary mandates will be suspended will have its state funding canceled or suspended for a year. The package of relevant bills has been submitted to the parliament as an initiative," Parliamentary majority leader Irakli Kobakhidze said at a briefing at the party office.

Further, the MPs of such parties will not receive salaries and they will not be able to use free media time during municipal and parliamentary elections. 

"In addition, the amendment to the Rules of Procedure of the Parliament will terminate the remuneration for those Members of Parliament who do not attend none of the plenary sessions during the month," stated Kobakhidze.

Several opposition parties have officially addressed parliament to stop the status of their MPs. They refuse to enter the Parliament of 10th convocation, claiming that the incumbent government has rigged the election results. 

By Ana Dumbadze 
17 December 2020 17:46