Set Up Your Year of Luck - It's Bedoba!

Happy Bedoba! What you do (or don't do) today will set up your luck for the year!

January 2, the second day of the New Year, is “Bedoba” (luck) day for Georgians. According to tradition, it’s important how you spend your day because the standard for the whole year will be set this day. That’s why Georgians try to be particularly happy on this day, banishing negativity and focusing on having fun, in the hopes of bringing a little luck into their lives. Of course, this will be more challenging than other years, with large gatherings forbidden and a 9pm curfew, but we're sure we'll find a way to keep the positivity alive!

The main character of this day is the “Mekvle” – the first guest who comes into the family home on January 2. Mekvle is a Georgian name for the first guest of the day, and when entering the house, s/he throws sweets to the ground (or in a more civilized way, hands them to the host), and wishes the best to the family. As they are a very important person during the celebration, Mekvle is usually chosen beforehand. Scots have a similar tradition called Hogmanay, involving the darkest-haired person in the family entering the house on New Year's Eve with gifts, and then visiting the homes of friends and neighbors to wish them well.

Also following a more recently introduced tradition, Georgians like to buy and gift symbols of the upcoming Chinese New Year animal. 2021 is the Year of the Bull, so grab yourself a token bull while the shops are still open. With the COVID-19 pandemic still lurking, we need all the luck we can get this year!



02 January 2021 11:00