Art Piece by Georgian Portraitist Sold for $4.5 Million

A Georgian world renowned artist is among the three most figurative artists featured in the Huffington Post’s culture section.

Roman Kriheli, 59, was born in the Soviet Union, Republic of Georgia. He started painting when he was three years old and participated in his first group show at the age of 5.

Kriheli’s pieces of art are recognised worldwide and could be found in various private collections, galleries and museums around the globe.

The Huffington Post described Kriheli as a world-class portraitist for his interpretation of beauty, which ranges from haunting profiles to interpretation of the human form reminiscent of a contemporary Italian Renaissance transposed into a start modern reality.

“Beyond his painting style in oil on canvas, complex aquamarelles and mixed media, a vast collection of provocative sketches touches on forbidden subjects suggestive of a 21st century Montmartre Artist's vision,” author of the article Malcolm Harris wrote.

According to the Huffington Post, Kriheli’s recent work “The Most Beautiful Woman in the World” (2013) sold during a private auction for a reported $4.5 million USD to a member of the Royal Family of Qatar.

“Kriheli's modern day Mona Lisa depicts an unknown contemporary subject, seated in an unassuming position and gazing calmly out at viewers,” Harris wrote of the piece.

16 December 2015 14:19