Forest and Field Fires Across Georgia: Several Hotspots Remain

A helicopter was involved in extinguishing the fire in the direction of Georgia’s Racha-Lechkhumi region. The information about this is spread by the Emergency Management Service.

The agency notes that in addition to the mentioned hotspot, there are 2 hotspots left in the region: the fire is localized in Chkumi and liquidation works are underway, while the fire is still raging in Lailashi, where the fire is burning the lower cover and firefighters continue to work with individual special equipment.

The Emergency Management Service explains the situation across the country as follows:

In Imereti, fires were extinguished in Tskaltubo, in the village of Zarati and in Khoni, in the village of Dzedzileti. In the morning, there were reports of fires in Kharagauli, the villages of Nadaburi and Chiatura, in the village of Navardzeti. Firefighters are mobilized at both locations and localization works are underway.

In Adjara, Keda, in the village of Bzubzu, after continuous works, the fire was extinguished.

A fire was extinguished in Samegrelo in the village of Jagira in Tsalenjikha.

Localization works continue in Jvari, in the village of Muzhavi, in Tsalenjikha, in the village of Skuri and in Martvili, in the village of Balda. The situation is under control at all three locations. Since morning, a fire was reported in Abasha, in the village of Tskemi. The fire is burning the lower cover. Fire-rescuers and special equipment are mobilized on the spot.

In Shida Kartli, Kaspi, Rkoni gorge, mixed forest cover, bushes and trees are burning. The fire is 11 kilometers away from the settlement. Despite the icy and damaged road surface, appropriate auto equipment and firefighters are mobilized.

The Emergency Management Agency calls on the population to refrain from burning grass in the fields and arable lands. Strong winds and dry weather in western Georgia hinders firefighters in extinguishing fires.

The Agency notes that burning grass in the field and arable lands can cause fires to spread to both residential houses and forests.

By Ana Dumbadze 

06 January 2021 16:59