Taxi Drivers in Tbilisi to Undergo Coronavirus Testing Every 2 Weeks

Based on the decision of Tbilisi City Hall, starting January 10, taxi drivers in the Georgian capital will undergo coronavirus testing every two weeks. Further, they will be obliged to carry and show the test results to the patrol police when performing their duties.

Yandex Taxi, one of the most popular services in the field in Tbilisi, has confirmed the above information to GEORGIA TODAY. 

Earlier, Tbilisi Mayor Kakha Kaladze announced that up to 18,000 taxi drivers in Tbilisi would be tested for coronavirus free of charge.

"As taxi drivers are defined as risk groups and they have to communicate with a very large part of the population on a daily basis, especially when public transport is not working, it has been decided that they will be subjected to rapid antigen testing. Up to 18,000 taxi drivers will receive a notification via SMS about where they will be able to undergo PCR tests, of course, testing will be free for them. It is important to be secured every way, and for taxi drivers and those who use this service to feel safes,” Kaladze said.

By Ana Dumbadze 

09 January 2021 19:23