Georgia Unveils Memorial to Victims of Russian Occupation

A memorial dedicated to victims of Russia’s ongoing occupation of Georgia’s two regions has been erected in Tbilisi’s Ponitchala district.

Entitled ‘Memorial to the Victims of Occupation’, the sculpture, created by Irakli Tsuladze, depicts two bronze figures, male and female, separated by a multi-layer glass barrier. 

Tsuladze told the news agency GHN that working on the installation had been both emotional and interesting.

"Two people stand on different sides of an imaginary border. Woman and man, epitomising the mainspring of existence. The theme of occupation is important and very emotional for our country. But it's not just about the occupation; it's a global theme, a separation of love brought about by an invisible wall and barbed wire. This is an allegorical work," the artist said.

Tbilisi City Hall announced a competition for the memorial in April 2019. However, the competition found no victor, and another was announced in July that year, which Irakli Tsuladze won.

13 January 2021 18:28