Georgian Churchkhela on Market in Netherlands

Two hundred Georgian Churchkhela have gone on the market in the Netherlands. The price of each is only 1 euro.

According to Cooperative Alvani founder Lia Papiashvili, Georgian Churchkhela, made with local tradition and modern safety standards, was highly liked by the European businessmen.

The Cooperative received an offer not only from the Netherlands but from Brussels, Belgium too. However they were unable to satisfy demand.

Women’s Cooperative Alvani was founded in 2014 by the War Widow’s Association members.

The cooperative was promoted under the budget support scheme by the ENPARD, which aims to increase agricultural production and income through the promotion of the sustainable structure of business-orientated agricultural cooperatives.

Alvani representatives received training in business planning and organizational development.

Cooperative Alvani opened churchkhela production in Alvani, Kakheti in October 2015, producing 2-3000 units seasonally.

The retail price in Georgia is from 2.5-3 GEL. Purchase is available by private order only so far.

However, Lia Papiashvili stated if production increases, churchkhelas made in Zemo village, Alvani, will be sold in supermarkets too. 

16 December 2015 17:02