Nikora Plans to Take Shares to International Stock Market

Nikora, a leading Georgian company on the local food market, plans to issue its shares at the end of the year. Five to 10 million dollars will be invested in new projects.

The company plans to create a modern bread and bakery in 2016. They also plan to sell finished products and continue investing in existing programs.

According to company director, Irakli Bokolishvili, the current year was very difficult, not only for Nikora but for the business sector in general. The depreciation of GEL reflected on all businesses and the company’s plans changed. However, it has not stopped the development of several large projects which are still on the way.

The company’s shares will be issued by Galt and Taggart. The company will use attracted sum to develop and cover their loan.

Bokolishvili added that some steps are planned to develop the stock market in order to form the stock exchange as a trading platform. 

16 December 2015 17:03