Protesters Give Gov't 48 Hours to Lift Restrictions

"Our protest serves to abolish the oppressive lockdown, we do not obey the restrictions imposed by the illegitimate government," claimed yesterday's demonstrators, demanding the lifting of the coronavirus-related restrictions. 

The protesters gave members of the government 48 hours to lift restrictions on ski resorts and public transportation, to abolish curfew, restore the educational process in classrooms, etc., otherwise, they say, they are going to picket the buildings of state agencies. 

The protest rally took place on Sunday, where demonstrators once again declared their requirements. 

Further, they expressed their solidarity with the activist detained in Batumi, who threw garbage at Irakli Chavleishvili, an independent member of the Supreme Council of Adjara.

"Nobody is raising their voice and [the government's] behavior has become uncontrollable," they noted. 

On January 22, the Coordination Council announced new decisions regarding COVID restrictions, according to which public transportation, along with schools, will remain closed until March 1 in Tbilisi, Kutaisi, and Rustavi.

By Ana Dumbadze 

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25 January 2021 11:19