Famous Georgian Mime Artist George Osepashvili Dies of Coronavirus

Celebrated Georgian mime artist and choreographer George Osepashvili has died of coronavirus, the Shalikashvili State Pantomime Theater, where the artist worked since the day of its establishment, reported.

Tomorrow, on February 6, the theater troupe will gather at the Shalikashvili State Pantomime Theater to honor his memory.

"George Osepashvili worked at the Shalikashvili State Pantomime Theater since its foundation and has been fighting for the development of the theater for years.

"He held numerous awards and titles, including the Order of Merit awarded by the State of Georgia in 2002," the statement reads.

Sadly, a few days ago, coronavirus also claimed the life of renowned Georgian singer and actor Temur Tsiklauri. 

By Ana Dumbadze 

05 February 2021 21:09