Terminal: the Winner of the Eurasian Startup Awards

An international jury named Terminal the best workspace among Eastern European countries. Four countries participated in the final, and Terminal from Georgia beat the co-working spaces of Russia, Ukraine and Moldova.

The EuroAsian Startup Awards is a regional competition of the Global Startup Awards, the largest international organization of startup ecosystems in the world. It revealed the best startups among Eastern European countries in 2020. The jury, composed of international experts, was guided by various criteria to determine the winner.

"This victory is important not only for the Terminal team, but also for Georgia," said Jino Dollini, Terminal's director.

"The countries which we found ourselves with in the finals were competent and very hard to beat. The co-working industry has existed within these nations for a long time and they have more experience. That is why it is so important that Georgia defeated big countries in the industry that is so new for it. The jury seems to have taken into account that in a short time Terminal was able to create a common workspace with international standards, which is still the largest in the region," said Dollini.

Following its regional victory, Terminal is competing in the 2021 Global Startup Awards, the world's largest unbiased competition, the main event of the year for startups around the world.

Terminal is the first Georgian brand to introduce the co-working industry in Georgia.

The terminal offers customers a common workspace, individual offices, meeting and conference rooms.

By Nini Dakhundaridze





08 February 2021 19:44