PM: The Goal is to Vaccinate at Least 60% of Georgia’s Population

Prime Minister Giorgi Gakharia said Georgia will import a vaccine authorized by the World Health Organization, to be supplied in the nearest weeks. The process of vaccination proper will start with target groups in line with the national vaccination plan approved by the Government.

The goal is to vaccinate at least 60% of Georgia’s population by the end of this year, the PM added, because vaccination is of vital importance in both healthcare and economic terms.

“We must understand that, alongside health-related aspects, vaccination is of crucial importance for the economy. Through our effective cooperation with international platforms—as you know, we are a member of the COVAX platform—and direct bilateral negotiations, Georgia will, in the near future, have a quality vaccine authorized by the World Health Organization,” Gakharia said.

The Head of Government, in reply to a question about opposition MP Nika Melia’s refusal to pay his court-ordered bond, pointed out that it is a court decision and a matter of choice of a particular person.

“This is nothing but plain populism. The state has no role in this case. This is about the judiciary, a court decision, and it is now up to a concrete person to take a step in one direction or keep pushing political hooliganism. It is his choice, after all! Georgian Dream or the Prosecutor’s Office have nothing to do with this issue. It is a restrictive measure, bail that can keep a person outside bars, so that he can live a normal life. And it is up to him. For me, it is nothing but an attempt to use cheap, aggressive rhetoric and political hooliganism to score points. Nothing else. It is ridiculous,” the Prime Minister stated.

The Prime Minister of Georgia also answered a question about the Tskhinvali occupation regime’s extension of Georgian citizen Zaza Gaklheladze’s detention by 12 years.

The Head of Government noted that it is an absolutely illegal decision on the part of the occupation forces.

“I had intensive personal communication and negotiations with our strategic partners and capitals representing them. We will take concrete steps in the nearest future to help our citizen,” the Prime Minister said.

13 February 2021 21:06