PM: Russian Initiative to Cancel Visa Regime Positive Sign

Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili has called the Russian President’s statement about cancelling the visa regime to Georgia the right step.

Garibashvili stated that the Georgian side is ready to continue its pragmatic course with Russia.

“The Georgian government cancelled the visa regime for Russian citizens in 2011. We have also allowed Russians to stay in Georgia longer this year, as we are interested in attracting more tourists from Russia and for contacts between people to be simplified,” the PM stated.

According to Garibashvili, Georgian businessmen and citizens interests residing in Russia also need to be considered. “They wish for the travel between the two countries to be made easier.”

Garibashvili believes Georgia’s expected visa liberalization with the EU will be of historic importance. “In general, our government maintains the position that Georgian citizens should have the right to freely travel throughout the world.”

Yesterday Russian President Vladimir Putin, at his regular press conference, answered a journalist’s question concerning the visa-free regime with Georgian citizens. Putin underlined that the Russian side is ready to cancel visas for Georgian citizens.

The initiative was assessed dissimilarly in Georgia. One part believes this is a positive decision by Russia, while the other believes that this step is the next temptation for the Georgian government and that they should resist this.

18 December 2015 13:42