First Georgian Corn Oil Factory to Open

The first corn oil factory will open in Khobi, west Georgia which will offer customers three types of products and will replace 30% of the corn oil that is currently being imported.

The author of the project is vegetable oil company Karva (Qarva). The project in Khobi will be carried out by Kolkha. Karva was opened in 2005 and since then produced sunflower oil. Corn oil from Khobi will be branded as Karva on the market.

According to the company, if the factory will work at 90% of its capacity it will be able to process 50 tonnes of corn grain with modern equipment.

Kolkha construction started in July 2015. There has already been a $1 million investment. Kolkha has an obligation to use local corn for the first two years. 

18 December 2015 17:33