EU Ambassador to Georgia: Roughly Six Months for Georgia to Travel Visa-Free

“Today we have enough reason to celebrate,” the Head of the EU Delegation to Georgia Janos Herman stated at a press conference regarding the European Commission’s positive report on Georgia’s visa-liberalization.

He emphasized that the European Comission will continue to monitor how Georgia performs the commitments under the Action Plan on Visa Liberalization.

Eu Ambassador Herman announced that the European Union (EU) will support Georgia in all its efforts related to visa liberalization.

“Let me say one thing – today we, including me, have enough reason to celebrate. For us, the EU Delegation, it is a great honor to be involved in this process. All EU member countries will also be happy and share this feeling. We all congratulate everyone who participated in this important success,” Herman stated.

He also named the approximate time for the introduction of visa-free travel for Georgian citizens.

“Given the experience of Moldova, the period that lasted from the progress report to the introduction of visa liberalization lasted 4-5 months. However, there might be a considerable difference between the countries”, the EU Ambassador added.

"I can only name an approximate time when Georgian citizens will be able to move visa-free in the Schengen area. The Commission will present its proposal to the EU Council and then discussions will be launched. Progress on this path depends on the EU member states and MEPs,” he concluded. 

18 December 2015 19:55