Deutsche Welle Breaks Down Visa-Free Travel for Georgians

Deutsche Welle, Germany's state run international broadcaster, published an article about the Euro Commission’s positive report on Georgia’s visa liberalization.

According to the article, if Georgia commits to all its obligations, the visa regime will supposedly be abolished in mid to late 2016.

The article also states, Georgians will no longer need a visa when travelling to any EU country except Great Britain and Ireland. Georgians will also be allowed to travel to non-EU member countries, namely Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland.

Having a biometric passport is the first requirement. Georgians and Ukrainians will be allowed to stay in the countries for 90 days during a period of 180 days. If the regulation is violated, future visits to the EU may be prohibited.

The visa-free policy will not allow Georgian and Ukrainian citizens to work in EU countries. A work permit and visa will still required, even for 3 months.

As for studying, courses that do not last more than 90 days will not require a visa and special documents, but certain documents will still be required.

While crossing the border, Georgian and Ukrainian citizens should have all the necessary documents that are required for receiving visas.

Georgian and Ukrainian citizens will need more than just their passport for travelling, but they will not have to address consulates for visas and will not pay visa fees.

To compare, Deutsche Welle highlighted that more than 500,000 Moldovans visited EU countries since Moldova was been granted visa free travel.

19 December 2015 15:10