Mayor of Tbilisi and British Ambassador Visit Families Affected by Tbilisi Flood

Mayor of Tbilisi Davit Narmania, along with the British Ambassador Alexandra Hall Hall, visited the families affected by the Tbilisi flood.

Ambassador Hall Hall gifted the families with New Year’s gifts and food vouchers.

Washing machines were meant for 6 families damaged by the floods.

“This week, in coordination with the Mayor of Tbilisi’s office, we were able to find a very good way to spend the rest of the funds by buying washing machines for 6 of the families who had to be re-housed as a result of the floods, as well as giving each of them a hamper of Christmas goods, and a gift voucher for Carrefour. The families’ needs were identified by the Red Cross, and with the Mayor’s help, we supported the families whose situation was assessed as being in most need of help,” said Alexandra Hall Hall 

According to the ambassador, the activity is still ongoing and any of you who would like to help can join it.

“We are visiting two more families this week, and three more on Monday. Different embassy teams are going each day to reflect the fact that this was a cross embassy effort, in which everyone helped, but since we feel this is also as a result of a British community effort, we wanted to open the opportunity for any of you who contributed to come along on Monday as well, if you would like to be part of this occasion,” the ambassador said.

She also stated that the animals of Tbilisi zoo will be helped as well.

“We also lobbied on behalf of four bears (two adult bears from the zoo and two cub bears, who were found on the streets after the floods) – who have been housed in a dog shelter since the floods, in very cramped and unsatisfactory conditions. The Director was able to assure me that they are rehabilitating the adult bear enclosure at the zoo, and hope to move them back in before Christmas. These bears will be amongst the first animals to be moved to the new zoo, in a bigger and better enclosure, with some wolves, possibly by the Spring,” Alexandra Hall Hall stated.

Nina Ioseliani

19 December 2015 17:14