Irakli Garibashvili: Georgian Dream Fulfills Pre-Election Promises

In a speech by Georgia’s Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili, in which he dived into the past 3 years, the PM emphasized that the Georgian Dream fulfilled its pre-election promise to reform the Interior Ministry and separate the State Security Service from the agency.

“I am very sorry to hear unfounded and unfair accusations against policemen. I think that some people just do not understand how hard policemen work," he said. “The largest power concentrated in one agency was decentralized. For the current government and ruling party, police is no longer a tool for persecution against political opponents. It is as tool for public safety and order.”

Gharibashvili highlighted that it is the obligation of each of citizens of Georgia to treat policemen properly and thank them for serving country and life of people.

At his briefing Garibashvili also touched upon the issues surrounding TV company Rustavi 2. He emphasized that media is absolutely free from governmental control in Georgia.

“I think nobody believes today that any broadcaster is the government’s mouthpiece. This is confirmed by the world ranking of media freedom,” he said.

Garibashvili also highlighted the reforms carried out in the prosecutor's office, of which as a result an independent structure was formed.

“The Prosecutor's office, its organizational structure, is designed so that it cannot be affected by direct political influence,” he said.

According to Gharibashvili, in the last three years significant steps have been taken to strengthen the judiciary system.

"We made the court free of all governmental pressure," Garibashvili added.

21 December 2015 21:46