Georgian Language for Ethnic Minorities

National minorities learned Georgian and received their language proficiency certificates.

Language training for more than 50 representatives of national minorities – ethnic Azerbaijani residents of Kvareltskali, Kabali and Sartichala villages, was organized by the Ministry of Justice through its Training Center and Public Service Development Agency, with assistance from UNDP.

A series of trainings were hosted by the community centers established by the Ministry of Justice to provide accessible service to the citizens and promote rural development.

Graduates arrived in Tbilisi on December 18th, to meet with the Minister of Justice and representatives of UNDP, and visited Tbilisi Justice House and the National Museum of Georgia.

The trainings for ethnic Azerbaijanis is part of the state language studies, initiated by the Ministry of Justice to support the integration of national minorities.

A specialized methodology was designed for speedy learning and allows for acquiring basic Georgian skills as fast as possible. First launched in September 2015, the training program will continue next year.

22 December 2015 13:06