Parliament of Abkhazia Ratifies Military Agreement with Russia

Occupied Abkhazia’s local media reported that the de facto parliament of Abkhazia has ratified the so-called agreement with Russia concerning the issue of a united army.

The report says, Daur Arshba, the Parliamentary Head, stated, unification of the armies primarily aims at providing security.

According to the report, 26 MPs have voted in favor of the agreement, while one voted against and two refrained from voting.

Ratification of the agreement is also planned at the Russian Parliament, Duma.

The document, describing the creation of a united army, was signed on November 26th by Russian and Abkhazian Defense Ministries. Georgia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned a military deal between Russia and the breakaway region of Abkhazia.

The Georgian Foreign Ministry called upon the international community to assess Russia’s illegal step and to take the appropriate measures, in order to prevent further escalation of the fragile security situation in the region.

22 December 2015 15:40