Christmas Movie Week at Café 1904

Waves of holiday spirit splash over you as people from around the world anxiously await the holidays.

This wonderful time of year brings with it a mixture of amazing feelings and emotions for many.

It’s a time to celebrate, be thankful and say goodbye to years past, and welcome the New Year with new wishes and holiday cheer.

These days are symbolized in different ways across the world, and Tbilisi is already busy preparing.

While many people prefer to visit pubs, bars, cafes and restaurants or gaze at the fireworks as they lightup the night sky, others prefer to just stay at home with their families and loved ones, watching Christmas movies and dining.

If you’re looking to see your favorite films then visit Café 1904, from December 26th to the 30th, where you’ll find French ambience mixed with jolly Christmas cheer.

Café 1904 presents some holiday classics with english subtitles.

  1. Love actually (2003)

  2. How the Grinch stole Christmas (2000)

  3. Home alone (1990)

  4. Tri orisky pro popelku (1973)

…The fifth selection will be a surprise. You’re guaranteed to be put in a good mood. Don’t miss it. Head on down to Ingorokva Str 10!

Nina Ioseliani
23 December 2015 15:59