Anas Tsxovreba (Ann’s life) at Göteborgs International Film Festival

Göteborgs International film festival will screen Georgian feature length film Anas Tsxovreba (Ann’s life) directed by Nino Basilaia.

The film will compete in the competitive program of the festival as well.

Anas tscxovreba won the National film center's award.

The Göteborg Film Festival, an annual film festival in Gothenburg, Sweden, has existed since 1979.

The first year it only had a small auditorium and showed 17 films on 3 screens, with 3,000 visitors.

Today, the film festival takes place over 10 days each year and welcomes 115,000 visitors, and screens about 500 films from 60 countries around the world.

The festival is considered one of the most important festivls in Scandinavia.

The festival opens at the end of January 29th and will last until February 8th.

The winner will be awarded a prize by renown Swedish director Ernst Ingmar Bergman.

Nina Ioseliani

24 December 2015 14:39