Georgian Artist's 120th Anniversary Exhibition

Dimitri Shevardnadze National Gallery is hosting an exhibition dedicated to the 120th anniversary of the Georgian artist, Shalva Kikodze.

After a 100 year pause, Georgians will now be able to see never before seen paintings by Kikodze.

The exhibition will showcase 300 works, such as paintings, illustrations, caricatures, graphic works, and some documentary materials from the author’s biography and more.

The exhibition will also display unique documentary materials from Kikodze’s letters about Georgian art and future plans, Parisian and European culture, political relationship between Georgia and European countries, as well as letters with famous Georgian figures such as Dimitri Shevardnadze, Geronti Kikodze and others.

The exhibition will take place until February 10th.

Nina Ioseliani

26 December 2015 20:43