Tegeta Motors: Make Your Car History

Tegeta Motors is now offering its customers a new innovative service which allows the car owner to see all his personal car data on a computer screen: costs, savings, updates or different reminders with relevant recommendations and a general history of the car.

After registering on www.mycarhistory.ge, you can see all your operations, for example, when the last time was you replaced the oil or accessory; receive information via messages and even get recommendations. At the same time, the system will constantly remind you what procedures are necessary for the optimal performance of your car.

My Car History personal page stores information about all the cars the owner has ever owned and used Tegeta Motors services on. Of course, visitors to the website can optionally show or hide this information. Most importantly, all the details are confidential and only the direct owner will have access to the personal data.

If you plan to sell or change your car, the new user will not be able to see old data. In addition, the site has no editing function, which means that confidential information is not in danger and, in the case of data loss, the owner can feel secure.

The program includes Loyalty Cards. With the My Car History project, new TEGETA CARDS were created: Tegeta Classic, Tegeta Silver and Tegeta Gold.

The Tegeta Classic will be given to all those who use the company’s services and, with the accumulated bonus points, adequate services or products will be available. If the cost on the card is more than 500 GEL, it will be updated to Silver status. The Gold Card will be available after spending more than 1500 GEL. As for the advantages, Tegeta Silver owners will receive a 5% discount and Tegeta Gold owners – 10%.

My Car History not only systemizes the information, but also takes care of the user’s security and, in the form of notification, constantly reminds users what needs to be changed or repaired.

This project has no analogue on the Georgian web and is available only for Tegeta Motors customers, provides security and reducing worry. The owners will not have to fill their car diary as Tegeta Motors will take care of all the details.

The website www.mycarhistory.ge also provides video instructions. Operators also can help you to create a personal history of your car on Tegeta Motors hotline: 226 44 44.

Ana Akhalaia

28 December 2015 20:28