Q&A with Dila Gori’s Champion Midfielder Guga Palavandishvili

As Dila Gori were crowned Georgian champions for the first time ever in season 2014/15, perhaps the discovery of the year was 21-year-old Guga Palavandishvili, a talented and diligent midfielder who has managed to win over the hearts of many fans, and the admiration of many opponents.

Georgia Today sat down for a chat with the up and coming footballer.

Q: Guga, how did you start your career?

A: My career started at FC Gagra. In the early days of my career Paata Gotsiridze played a big role by putting a lot of effort into my development and improvement. The next step was Dinamo 2, where I met my current coach Ucha Sosiashvili. He always trusted me and always had it in his head to move me to FC Dila Gori. I am very thankful to him. I would also like to thank my coach and I strongly believe that I am very fortunate to be on our team.

Q: So you don’t regret leaving Dinamo?

A: It would be great to be in the first team there, but nonetheless, I don’t regret my decision. My coach gave me the chance to play in the Premier League and in the first season I got a winner’s medal!

Q: Was it easy to adapt to the new team?

A: I’m a very communicative and outgoing person, so for me it was not a problem. My goal was to make my coach proud of me.

Q: The season is over. What is your future plan? Are you going to move to another team?

A: I don’t know yet. I have to talk to the club in order to decide. Other than that, why should I not want to stay? The thing any footballer desires most is playing in the national team or Champions League and this could be possible where I am. This is Dila’s first time in the Champions League and representing the club is a great honour.

Nini Gegidze

11 June 2015 21:27