Russian Occupants Detain Georgian in Gori District

Russian Occupants, or so-called border guards, have arrested two Georgians near the village of Bershueti in the Gori District.

According to reports, Saba Sekhniashvili and Lasha Glurjidze were going to a local church when they were held.

Sekhniashvili, who escaped the so-called border guards, stated about eight gunman appeared when they were about to enter the trinity church.

According to Sekhniashvili, his friend Glurjidze was taken to Tskhinvali. Glurjidze’s mother stated that her son’s phone went off a few minutes after he was detained.

A representative of the Gori governor said that the territory around the Trinity Church is controlled by the central government. Similarly the young persons have not passed the occupation line, or as he stated, the border.

The representative continued that both law enforcement agencies and the EUMM have already been notified. According to the information we have Glurjidze’s family has not yet been contacted by anyone from Tskhinvali.

05 January 2016 19:32