Number of Tourists in Georgia has Increased

The Head of the Georgian National Tourism Administration, Giorgi Chogovadze, summarized tourism statistics from 2015 at a press conference held in Radisson Blu Iveria. According to Chogovadze there has been a large increase in the number of international visitors and tourists as well as income from tourism.

The number of international tourists has increased by 7%, more than 280,000 tourists in 2015 compared to the previous year. The top five countries where tourists came from were Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Russia and Ukraine. Israel was in 6th place, where the Tourism Administration has carried out marketing campaigns.

"Georgia underwent external shocks in 2015 caused by political and economic events in the region. We were able to not only overcome these external factors but also made the increase of (number of) international tourists and visitors and income from international tourism in the country’s economy,” Chogovadze stated.

He continued that the positive trend was maintained in terms of tourists from European countries such as Germany, Italy and Hungary. Visitors from the Persian Gulf countries also increased.

The Georgian National Tourism Administration part of the Ministry of Economy has carried out several marketing campaigns in different countries. According to the data on the first three quarters of 2015, the income from international tourism in Georgia amounts to around 1.5 billion USD. 

06 January 2016 14:09