President to Name NBG Chief Candidate by the End of January

The term of office of the National Bank President Giorgi Kadagidze and members of the board, expires in February.

As a Head of the Presidential Administration, Giorgi Abashishvili told reporters today that the President of Georgia will likely name a candidate for the membership board by the end of January.

According to Abashishvili, consultations on the issue will be held with experts, before the president presents the candidacy to parliament for further discussion.

“We welcome professional discussions, but it will not be justified if a candidate selected through open process is not supported. This will be wrong from political point of view as well as in terms of macroeconomic stability.”

Abashishvili continued that candidates for the position have been nominated and his expectation is that the President will name his candidate by the end of January.

06 January 2016 20:34