Russia Set to Create Problems for NATO Expansion

Minister of Defense Tina Khidasheli has said in a statement it is clear that the Russian Government has set a goal to create a problem for NATO’s expansion.

According to Khidsheli there’s nothing new in It and it is clear that the Russian government has set a goal to create problems for the NATO expansion and it is not unexpected. 

 “It would be weird if it were not so. The events, which are being developed, for example, in Macedonia, very clearly show Russia’s attitude and intentions. However, meanwhile the free world acts in its own rules and naturally, it does not subordinate to this kind of blackmail or similar attitudes,” Khidasheli commented. 

Concerning Russia’s cooperation with the occupied territories Khidasheli continued “we know that the "agreements" were signed and they entered into force, but we also know very well that nothing in real life has changed in the occupied territories, which often served as grounds for local residents’ dissatisfaction.”

The Minister said Russia does not observe principals with regard to sovereign states or the occupied regions. This is the real face of the Russian authorities. 

06 January 2016 20:36