Georgian Wine Export Decreased by 39% in 2015

The export of Georgian wine decreased by 39% in 2015 compared to the previous year. According to the National Wine Agency, Georgia exported more than 36 million bottles of wine to 46 countries, worth more than $98.1 million.

Georgia exported 2.6 million bottles to China in 2015. There was significant growth in the export to the EU countries as well. To Estonia there was a 54% increase, the Netherlands a 58% increase, France a 190% increase and a 100% growth in Denmark.

31% more wine was exported to the United states, with a total export of 248,075 and 48% more was exported to Canada.

The top export countries were: Russia with more than 18.3 million, Kazakhstan with more than 5.1 million, Ukraine with more than 3.4 million, China with more than 2.6 million and Poland with more than 1.6 million bottles.

Despite the increased export to European countries the drop in total wine export was caused by a decrease in two larger export countries, Russia and Ukraine, due to economic difficulties in the regions.

It should be notes that the total export has decreased in 2015 only compared to 2014 and 2013, when the opening of the Russian market after several years of embargo caused the country’s exports to reach its peak. For example in 2012, Georgia exported about 23.3 million bottles, in 2011 19 million, 2010 14.8 million bottles, 2009 10.9 million bottles and in 2008 only 12.2 million bottles were exported. 

07 January 2016 00:01