Norwegian Media: Georgian Diplomats Leading in Unpaid Parking Fines

Norwegian media edition Osloby has reported that Georgian diplomats are leading the list of diplomats accredited in the country in terms of parking fine debt.

The media portal reported that the data released on January 5th has revealed that the Georgian Embassy in Oslo has 101,850 Krone ($11,450) in debts from diplomats’ unpaid parking fines.

According to Osloby, on Tuesday, foreign embassies had 307,500 Krone in debt in total for parking fines with “a small republic” leading the list.

The information given states that the Embassy of Morocco is currently second with 30,150 Krone, Vietnam is third (25,600) and the Iraqi embassy is fourth (22,800)

“We have contacted the Georgian Embassy where a woman told us they have no information about the fines…Then we sent an email and received an answer, they are working on the issue,” the articles reads.

According to the publication, the Oslo government is struggling to solve the parking problems, however diplomatic immunity protecting foreign diplomats prevents the local government from solving the problem. 


08 January 2016 12:32